June 15, 2018

We caught up with Monica Mignone to get her thoughts on healthy eating and balanced wellbeing at work.

Monica Mignone has an undeniable passion for health and wellbeing and Monica’s is a balanced perspective — equipped with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Diploma of Education, Exercise Instructor Qualification and a Diploma of Nutrition.

Monica started Balance by Monica with the intention of educating others on healthy eating and healthy living, “from my own personal experience with dieting, I have learnt now that it is possible to eat all of my favourite things while being in the best possible condition — physically, socially and emotionally”.

Balance by Monica has three distinct foci; nutrition in children, body image in adolescents, and anti-dieting in adults. As Monica explained, “I hope that I can help and inspire more people to go back to eating the way they used to, ditch diets for good, and balance their minds, bodies and souls in a happy and healthy way”. Monica is dedicated to balanced nutrition with a passion for helping others heal their unhealthy relationships with food, and relearning how to eat intuitively again.

We pressed Monica for her thoughts on workplace attitudes to diet and wellness. “I personally think that the overall attitude towards wellness in the workplace has a long way to go. In many workplaces I have worked with, healthy eating and healthy living is not evident, nor is it encouraged”. Monica acknowledged that not everyone is fortunate enough to work in a welcoming and friendly environment and their happiness, health and wellbeing in the workplace can be significantly and negatively impacted by that environment. Monica believes implementing a positive attitude towards workplace wellbeing incorporates work/life balance, regular exercise, and looking after your nutrition — which incorporates bringing your lunch into work.

Monica’s 5 tips for a healthy work life

(1) Take your lunch break away from work.

Whether that be physically leaving your office and eating elsewhere, turning off your computer screen while you eat, or going out for lunch with your colleagues, taking even just a 20 minute break from work is such a great way to give your mind a rest, and enable you to come back feeling more refreshed in the afternoon.

(2) Keep healthy snacks at work to avoid hangry disasters.

When you get hungry in a work environment and have no food prepared, typically, the only option is to head to the vending machine for a quick fix. Having something on standby, such as nuts or a piece of fruit, will help you to avoid this situation all together, and keep you fueled until your next meal.

(3) Get moving outside as often as you can.

Getting some incidental exercise into your work day in some fresh air and sunlight is a surefire way of keeping you refreshed, as well as improving your mood before heading back to work.

(4) Bring a healthy lunch from home.

Whenever you can bring your lunch, it has a multitude of benefits. You will save yourself money, save time spent travelling to and from cafes, and you will have better control of portion sizes.

(5) Don’t forget your social and emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing at work isn’t all about food and eating habits, it is also about social and emotional wellbeing. If your job allows for it, try not to take work home with you. Spend an extra half an hour before and/or after at work if you have to, but it is so important for your emotional wellbeing that you are able to switch off at the end of the day and take some time to relax. 

So what does Monica do for lunch?

At BeetBox we love making and taking our lunch to work, and Monica is definitely a kindred spirit. “I make and take my lunch to work every single day. Yep, every day!”

And what is Monica’s favourite lunch to take to work? “My work lunches always consist of some form of carbohydrates, protein, a portion of fat and heaps of vegetables. My go-to is quinoa mixed with kale slaw, avocado, goats cheese, and a can or sardines or tuna, dressed in olive oil and sprinkled with dukkah and sea salt. As a primary school teacher, nutritionist, personal trainer and small business owner, I am literally always on the go, so it is super important that I am getting enough fuel to get me through my day. This lunch is easy to make, incredibly filling, fresh and tasty — my recipe for the perfect work lunch!”


Monica’s quinoa & kale slaw, with avocado, goats cheese and sardines.

Monica’s quinoa & kale slaw, with avocado, goats cheese and sardines.


It’s been great catching up with Monica. If you like to know more about Monica’s healthy eating and recipe ideas, visit her website — Balance By Monica.