May 07, 2018

We caught up with Jessica Sepel to chat about wellbeing, balance and body image.

Jessica Sepel is a wellbeing power house, author and nutritionist. After overcoming years of struggle in her relationship with food and body image, Jess’s passion is to help others heal. Jess founded JSHealth, a lifestyle brand that empowers women to build a healthy relationship with food, with their bodies, and with a life of balance. Jess’s mission with JSHealth is to help people give up dieting for life and find a more balanced approach to food, wellness and exercise.

Jess is passionate about wellness, in particular passionate about showing people how easy and non-complex healthy cooking can be. We asked Jessica what drives her everyday; “…seeing how excited people are becoming to live a healthy life and seeing them re-create JSHealth meals that make them feel so excited and healthy!”

Jess is very positive about the approach to workforce wellbeing by Australian businesses. “ I really do feel people are starting to change in the workplace — they are starting to prioritise wellness. I have recently been working with some of Australia’s biggest corporations on educating their staff about wellness, the importance of a work-life balance and some easy ways to improve nutrition during the workday”.

That said, Jessica finds that a lack of time is a huge factor in people’s ability to maintain a healthy balance. Jessica often hears from her followers that they feel like they don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. So we pressed Jessica for her 3 tips for improving everyday wellbeing.

Jess’s 3 tips for enhancing everyday wellbeing

(1) Drink more water.

Keep a big bottle of water next to your desk and sip on it continually throughout the day.

(2) Make extra dinner.

When cooking a healthy and delicious meal at home, make extra and take your leftovers into work for lunch. Check out Jess’s lunch and dinner recipes for some great healthy cook at home meal ideas.

(3) Commit to stress reduction.

Make time everyday for stress reducing exercises and activities. Whether that be yoga, meditation, deep belly breathing or a walk in nature.


3 tips for everyday wellbeing w/Jessica Sepel

So what does Jess do for lunch?

Jess is a maker and taker, like most of our friends here at BeetBox. When Jess isn’t shooting in the kitchen or developing new recipes for her blog, she always brings in dinner leftovers for lunch the next day, often accompanied by a big green salad.

And what’s Jess’s favourite lunch to bring from home? Her one pan Japanese-Inspired Salmon with cauliflower and rice — yum!

Jessica’s One Pan Japanese-Inspired Salmon

Jessica’s One Pan Japanese-Inspired Salmon


So Jessica, can you leave us with one final thought on wellbeing? “Eating well is the best way to boost your self esteem.”

It’s been great catching up with you Jess. If anyone is looking for more information on Jess’s recipes and wellbeing tips, hit herJSHealth blog.